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About GRE

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is an admissions test used around the world to screen graduate school applicants in a multitude of disciplines in the arts and sciences. It is a standardised international level test accepted for admission to various disciplines at many graduate schools in the world. Students looking to pursue master’s or doctoral programmes can take the GRE test. It comes in two formats- General and Subject test.

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How to Prepare for GRE Exam

Know the exam structure

Familiarize yourself with the GRE’s structure, including the Analytical Writing Assessment, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning sections. Understand the question types, time limits, and scoring format for each section.

Create a study plan

Develop a comprehensive study plan that outlines your study schedule, goals, and allocated time for each section. Break down your preparation into manageable segments to cover all topics effectively.

Practice Regularly

Consistent practice is crucial. Utilize official GRE practice materials and reputable online resources to practice different question types. Focus on building accuracy and speed in both verbal and quantitative sections.

Analyze and Adapt

Regularly review your practice test results to identify areas of improvement. Focus on your weaknesses and adjust your study plan accordingly. Develop effective time management strategies to complete the test within the given time limits.


The GRE is intended to test verbal and quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing ability. The GRE presumes fluency in English, but its verbal reasoning sections emphasize efficient reading and understanding words in context, rather than memorization. The GRE is accepted at thousands of graduate and business schools. The importance of a GRE score can vary from being a formality to being one of the most important factors in graduate school admissions. The importance placed upon GRE scores varies widely among schools and even among departments within schools. High GRE scores are most important when applicants have weaknesses in their other credentials.

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